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Hot End Fan Duct
Hotend Fan Duct Mount

Designed for enthusiasts seeking to optimize their 3D printer's hot end cooling, this custom fan duct and mount combination allows for the seamless integration of two 5015 fans. By strategically directing airflow, it ensures even and efficient cooling for improved print quality.

This fan duct's design maximizes airflow, providing targeted cooling to the print area. The accompanying mount ensures stable and vibration-free operation, making it an essential upgrade for any serious 3D printing enthusiast.

Hotend Fan Duct Mount Cross section
Hotend Fan Duct Mount Cross section

With easy installation, this fan duct and mount combination offers a practical solution for enhancing print quality without the need for extensive modifications. This technical upgrade unlocks the full potential of your 3D printer.

3D Scanning Turntable

Experience precision 3D scanning with our stepper motor-powered turn table. The foundation of this turntable is designed for stability that you can count on. This device is poised to expedite the scanning experience with a robust base to provide a solid platform for your scanning projects. This ensures minimal vibrations and maximal accuracy, even during prolonged scanning sessions. The centerpiece of our turn table lies in its expansive 200mm diameter scanning platform. This spacious surface area accommodates a wide range of objects, enabling comprehensive and detailed scans.

The integration of a gear reduction system is an ideal balance between speed and motor protection. You can confidently push the boundaries of your scanning projects without concern for motor strain.

Control is at your fingertips with this turntable's intuitive integration with scanner software. Powered by a versatile Arduino board, it has the ability to fine-tune settings, adjust parameters, and execute scans with ease. No more navigating through convoluted setups; scanning has never been this straightforward.

3D Scanning Turntable Cross section
3D Scanning Turntable Cross section

This turntable is more than just a device; it's a tool designed to empower creativity and streamline workflow. From intricate prototypes to artistic creations, the possibilities are boundless.

Vent Gauge Pod
Air Vent Guage Pod

In the realm of automotive ingenuity, the Gauge Pod  emerges as an afterthought for most designs. The gauge pod is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any driver allowing them to be aware of important information at a glance. This retrofit solution helps with how drivers interact with their vehicle's essential data. With seamless integration into the air vent, it effortlessly accommodates an array of gauges, making it a versatile addition to any car.

This Gauge Pod rethinks conventional installations, presenting a streamlined and inconspicuous design. No more grappling with bulky mounts or compromising your vehicle's visual allure. Instead, revel in the sleek, cockpit-enhancing profile that the Gauge Pod provides.

Dedicated to preserving the integrity of your vehicle, this retrofit design employs OEM mounting hardware, ensuring a secure fit without the need for any invasive cutting of the dashboard. The result? A seamless installation that melds a car's interior, preserving its original aesthetic while enhancing its functionality.

Air Vent Guage Pod
Air Vent Guage Pod Cross Section

For performance enthusiasts, tuning aficionados, or those who simply value staying in the know, this retrofit solution is tailored to meet their needs. Its custom fit complements the car's interior effortlessly, creating a polished and cohesive look.

Dust Separator
Dust Seperator

The Universal Dust Separator Project provides dust management with its versatile and user-friendly design. Its adaptability is a standout feature, allowing for straightforward attachment to any standard bucket and seamless compatibility with standard shop vacuums. Originally conceptualized for sandblasting operations, this project has swiftly proven its worth across a spectrum of industries, including woodworking and metalworking.

By efficiently capturing fine particles, this separator not only maintains a cleaner work environment but also significantly extends the lifespan of tools and equipment. This dual benefit translates to tangible time and cost savings for professionals in various trades. Gone are the days of laborious cleanup efforts, as this innovative solution ensures a more productive, efficient workspace.

Dust Seperator Cross Section
Dust Seperator Cross Section

This piece of equipment allows the user to experience a workplace that is not only cleaner and healthier but also more conducive to productivity and effectiveness. Say farewell to the challenges of managing fine particles, and step into a new era of streamlined dust management.

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